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Introducing Safetrac InstAid: A Revolutionary Mobile App Ensuring Immediate Emergency Response

Kenya is soon to witness the launch of a ground-breaking mobile app, InstAid, designed to provide instant emergency response in security, medical, and road rescue emergencies. Safetrac Limited is a Kenyan-based technology company registered in 2016. Safetrac offers a wide range of affordable IoT and Telematics solutions for the Logistics, Trade Finance and Supply Chain sectors Built on similar IoT technology, as used by Safetrac Ltd, InstAid can leverage our extensive support, experience and a large group of First Responders countrywide to offer you, our client, instant response

This fully automated, full-service app offers a smarter and safer way to protect families and properties, anytime and anywhere. With a range of services, including 24/7 Private Security Response, 24/7 Medical Emergency Response and 24/7 Road Rescue Response, InstAid ensures comprehensive assistance during critical situations.

When triggered, the app immediately alerts the InstAid Control Room Centre. The control room promptly assesses the situation and dispatches the appropriate emergency responders, such as security personnel or ambulance services, based on the user’s SOS notification.

Peter Echessah, the founder and director of Safetrac highlights that InstAid focuses on simplifying the process of seeking immediate help in problematic situations with just a single click on users’ smartphones. Echessah explains that the app enables users to raise an SOS directly from their mobile phones, alerting the control room centre and initiating assistance within two minutes. When an SOS is raised, emergency contacts are notified, and the user’s location is shared with them through the app. GPS technology accurately pinpoints the user’s location, facilitating quick response from the nearest responders in the network.

With InstAid, users can monitor the progress of the assigned responder in real-time. The app displays the responder’s picture, name, contact information, and estimated time of arrival. Simultaneously, the responder gains access to the client’s picture, name, location, and contact details.

Echessah reaffirms that InstAid was specifically designed to address security concerns and the need for prompt emergency response. With its innovative features and commitment to public safety, InstAid is poised to revolutionize emergency services in Kenya

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