InstAid is an Ambulance and Security emergency response solution that provides immediate response at the press of a button, at any time, at no extra cost.

InstAid works like an Uber but for emergency response. The nearest team is dispatched to your location within the most minimal time frame. (5-10min)

Yes, you can. Once you have made payment your subscription is automatically updated and it starts immediately.

Our three packages are all-in-one prices. No other charge will be incurred as long as the radius of transportation is less than 30km.

The security team that comes for your security emergency will determine if the situation will require further police assistance.

InstAid is a device-based service. Therefore, only subscribers can access these services. However, if you feel that the threat will also affect you, you can request for the service and the responders will only attend to you. Services given to non-subscribers will result in extra costs

Our solution is to offer you an instant emergency response in your time of need. Once your safety is guaranteed, we acknowledge our service was given.

We are currently looking to have subscription cards for InstAid given to our customers. This will contain the customer’s details as registered in the app.

This is a unique code that you will easily remember that will help the team to know if the subscribed customer is the one requesting (it’s like a PIN). Failure to give the correct duress code when asked by our control room will either mean that another person is requesting, or you are under threat. The responders will therefore come.

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